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Hotel Krüzli - formerly "Restaurant Kreuzlipass" - celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. Since 2003, the hotel has been managed by Curdin Brugger- the fourth generation of the family to run it.

Hotel Kreuzlipass 1914-1970

Hotel Kreuzli Pass 1914–1970

Curdin's great-grandfather - Florentin Cavegn - recognising the need for accommodation in 1914, built and opened the "Restaurant Kreuzlipass" in Sedrun. Here he offered lodging and food to the workers who were employed in the construction of the railway line over the Oberalp Pass to Brig.

During this time the "Restaurant Krüzli" - as the locals called it - also become a village pub.

Florentin Cavegn bequeathed the Krüzli restaurant to his daughter Johanna Brugger. Since she and her husband already ran the Hotel Posta in Rueras, the Krüzli restaurant was leased until 1966.

Urgroßvater Florentin Cavegn mit Familie

Great-grandfather Florentin Cavegn with family

In 1966 Leci Brugger, Johanna's son, took over the lease. The house had become dilapidated over the decades and so the old building was demolished in spring 1970 and the inn was rebuilt.

On 1 December 1970 the Brugger family opened the new Hotel Krüzli. At that time there were no cheap flights and skiing was very trendy.

The work and extension of the Alpine transit tunnel (1999-2016) provided good income for the company. This made it possible to expand, renovate and modernise the hotel.

Hotel Krüzli 1995

Hotel Kruzli 1995

In 2003 Leci Brugger handed over the hotel in a very good condition to his son Curdin Brugger. Since then he has been shaping the hotel's events - whether as chef, concierge or hotel manager.

His ideas always add energy and create attractive special features around the restaurant and hotel: With the eRod, for example, an electric sports car that is perfect for driving fun. A converted kiosk directly next to the hotel becomes the popular cheese fondue hut „Magnucca" in winter.

In 2012 the restaurant was lovingly modernised and the small side room was converted into a cosy dining area.

Since 2017 completely new bathrooms are available in all hotel rooms and apartments.

Since 2021, there are four brand new hotel rooms, which are equipped with noble solid stone pine wood furniture.
All holiday flats were also completely renovated at the end of 2021 - chic and modern with solid beech furniture and new kitchens/kitchenettes.

Since December 2022, all "pacific" rooms have also been newly renovated and equipped with Swiss pine furniture.

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