Our Team

Our team consists of different people from very different nations - what they all have in common is the warmth and hospitality that distinguishes them and makes them attentive, competent employees in the hotel and restaurant.

Hotel Manager Curdin Brugger

Curdin Brugger


Hotelier with heart and soul, attention to detail and a large portion of people skills. His honest interest in people creates a familiar feeling of home, which many hotel guests appreciate. In the restaurant, tourists feel as welcome as locals.

With a little luck you will also experience his musical talent one evening ...

Speaks: Romansh | German | English | French | Italian | Spanish

Cook Eden



Eden is a wonderful cook and our "recipe book". For over 20 years she has been working in the Krüzli Restaurant. She learned how to prepare the old Grisons specialities and recipes from the Senior Cook Imelda Brugger.

Her daughter Annica likes to help us out every now and then and who knows... maybe she will follow in Eden's footsteps one day.

Speaks: Filipino | German | English

Alfredo the allrounder



Alfred is brand new to the team and already unrivalled as a dishwasher. The career ladder in the hotel will certainly have many a step in store for him.

As an all-round talent, Alfred clears snow or creates order in and around the house - leaving everything spotless.

Speaks: Romansh | German | Italian

employee Katja


Chambermaid and Service

Our faithful soul Katja has been a part of the team for many years. Her experience and commitment are proven in her flexibility to work anywhere:

Whether service or rooms - she knows the Krüzli and Curnera buildings like the back of her hand.

Speaks: German | English

Employee Zoltan



Zoltan has completed our service team since the winter season 20/21. He not only jets from Sedrun to South Tyrol or to his home country Hungary and back, he is also always "pronto" from table to table. Our guests appreciate him for his attentive and friendly service. 


He has a particular weakness for a German car. Can you guess which one?

Speaks: Hungarian | German | Italian | English

Capricorn Giochin

And you?

Kitchen, service, room?

Do you enjoy working with people, do you work conscientiously and enjoy working in a team? In our kitchen, service and room areas there are always open and interesting positions. Whether for one season or even longer - we are looking forward to your application!

Take a look at our jobs section.

Senior boss

Leci Brugger

Specialist in snow clearance

Senior Boss, former hotelier, farmer, hunter and horse-drawn carriage driver of Sedrun. As a nature lover and local he is very familiar with the area and knows many insider tips on beautiful hiking and walking trails.

At Krüzli, Leci watches over all the caretaker work and is also responsible for clearing the snow.

Speaks: Romansh | German | Italian | English

Cook Dores



Our cook Dores brings character and temperament to the restaurant kitchen. Her roots are in Portugal, but she knows her way around the Bündner kitchen - also thanks to her former patron and master chef Luis Albin.

In addition, she is also a bit of a "mummy" to all our employees due to her warmth.

Speaks: Portuguese | Italian

Our Erica from the service



Home Comfort: Our Erica won't ever lose her cool. Maybe it's because she's so patient and kind and has a heart for everyone.

As a local, she knows her way around the village - geographically or historically.
And of course, the people ...  

Speaks: Romansh | German | English |

Employee Jackie



Our Jackie welcomes you with a charming smile and folded hands. This is how it is done in Thailand - Jackie's home.

She calls the boss "Boss" and yet she is much swifter than him as she passes him on his old Guzzi with her fast motorbike.

Speaks: English | Thai

Employee Yvonne



Brand new in the team, young at heart, very friendly and also a fast-paced person: Yvonne was born for her job in the service department. And a local, too...an ideal choice.

Speaks:  Romansh | German | Italian